Be Amazing Insta-Worms - B000HIV072

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  • Makes over 40' of worms

  • Honey-like worm goo changes instantly into a rubbery sold when it hits the worm activator

  • 3 experiments all in this one kit

  • All non-toxic and fully safety tested

  • Includes worm tub, worm activator, worm goo, instructions

  • Create slimy, gooey wormsamp;mdash;instantly! The moment the worm goo is added to the activator solution, worms magically appear. You can make fat worms, skinny worms, short worms, long worms, straight worms, zigzag worms, worm eggs, color-changing worms, or even a worm ring or bracelet. The secret is in the awesome world of polymer science. Makes more than 40 feet of worms. It's hands-on chemistry fun! Science Principles explored in this kit: chemistry Ages 8 and up

    Be Amazing Insta-Worms - B000HIV072

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