Elenco Talking Galaxy Planetarium With Night Light - B003KLT48U

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  • Project the stars on your ceiling

  • Instructional Pointer included

  • CyberSky Software (CD) included

  • Can be used as a night light

  • Sturdy child friendly construction

  • Projects constellations on walls and ceiling

  • Narrates cool facts about the stars

  • The Elenco Talking Galaxy Planetarium with Night Light is a fun and educational addition to your child's room. Glittering lights and shifting shadows show and tell kids all about the astrological constellations! Your kids will be delighted as they gaze upon shifting patterns of stars while this planetarium toy narrates cool stellar facts. When it is time for bed, simply turn the volume down, and your child can go to sleep under the swirling constellations. The projections and narrations are supplemented by the included CyberSky software and instructional pointer, giving both you and your child more opportunities to learn. Sturdy construction featuring smooth rounded edges makes this very kid friendly.

    From the Manufacturer

    Talking Galaxy Star Finder can be used as star projector. It also can be used as a night light by just turning the volume down. Star Projector, Rotation On/Off Switch, Light On/Off Switch (2 colors), Instructional Pointer and CyberSky Software (CD) included. Requires four AA Batteries or a 6VDC (+ tip )adapter (not included)

    Elenco Talking Galaxy Planetarium With Night Light - B003KLT48U

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