VersaTiles Math Workbook and Answer Case (Grade 1) - B01DTIFMSO

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  • An active alternative to math workbooks—a great way to reinforce school learning at home.

  • Answers can be easily and quickly self-checked with our unique answer case.

  • Includes a VersaTiles answer case and a 64-page grade level standards-based, math practice book.

  • Works with all VersaTiles products, and additional books can be purchased to continue practice.

  • Packaged in a convenient storage bag.

  • Size :Grade 1

    Help your child reinforce math skills!

    VersaTiles, the proven skill-building system found in schools across the country, is now available to use at home!

    It's the captivating challenge of a puzzle with the purposeful practice of an activity book.

    The VersaTiles Math Skills Practice Set, which includes an answer case and grade level math activity book, is perfect for reinforcing skills learned in the classroom.

    The VersaTiles Math At-Home Activity Book contains all the essential content in an exciting, full color format that encourages kids to explore.

    Extra activity books are available to dive deeper into topics or move up to the next grade level work.

    VersaTiles Math Workbook and Answer Case (Grade 1) - B01DTIFMSO

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