NSI 3D Hanging/Glowing Solar System - B00548T004

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  • Hang a 3D full color Glow in the Dark Solar System in your ceiling.

  • Includes:  Sun, planets with hooks and cord for hanging

  • Planets use Oglo Technology to glow in the dark

  • The NSI 3-D Hanging and Glowing Solar System turns your room into a planetarium. The full color 3-D glow in the dark solar system hangs right from your ceiling. About Group Sales, Inc Since 1991, Group Sales, Inc has strived to become the first provider in quality toys and gifts by meeting the challenge with the finest products at competitive prices. Group Sales, Inc has diversified their portfolio of products for customers of all ages and interests by becoming the US distributor for brands such as New Bright's remote controlled line, or the arts and crafts products of NSI. Group Sales, Inc even supplies top-of-the-line products for pets from Zaidy. Recommended for children 6 years and up. Includes sun, 8 planets, and cord for hanging. Turn your room into a planetarium. Planets use Oglo technology to glow in the dark.

    NSI 3D Hanging/Glowing Solar System - B00548T004

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